The Rise Of The Tricore Soldiers

Fighters from across the city will descend on Brackenfell this weekend when they take to the ring for Tricore Fight Night on Saturday November 15.

As he kneels down in the corner of the ring, eyes closed,head bowed, arm stretched out and hand placed on the nervous fighter before him,one gets the feeling of the bond of trust he has formed with his students. As the crowd comes to a dull silence, the shout of “Tricore soldiers, Hoohah!” reverberates through the halls. For sensei Ruhan Louw, 28, of Brackenfell, combat sports, and the teaching thereof, is as much a part of life as the rising and setting of the sun – all in a day’s work.

His gym, Tricore, has birthed some of the city’s top fighters and he’ll be the first to direct you to their accolades, displayed proudly in the gym on their wall of fame. “I became involved in martial arts at the very young age of six, with Judo. From there I went on to do karate and eventually kickboxing in semi and light contact divisions. I turned, lastly, to full contact and K-1 kickboxing, jiu jitsu and wrestling. I have graded four different styles of black belt and am a third dan instructor. “We offer a variety of martial arts preferences at our gym, whether you are interested in doing weights, getting fit or taking up a style from judo to muay thai, mixed martials arts (MMA) to boxing.


“What I love about my sport is that it offers self-defense and discipline as well as fitness. It definitely brings people together and creates unity through training and fighting as a team and a family. “I bought the gym about two and a half years ago. There was not much going on back then. We were in a space of 200 m2 with 32 registered members. Since then we have grown and pushed our numbers to over a hundred members, at the Brackenfell gym alone, never mind the others that we have opened since then,” he said. The large crowd that follows his fighters to every event bares testament to the family nature the young coach so often alludes to. He sees each outing as a chance to build on his team’s strengths and whittle away at the weaknesses. “I like to believe that there aren't any rivalries in Cape Town, just strong competition. It’s fantastic to be able to fight against different gyms that use various techniques and see the work of different trainers. “This not only tests my fighters but me as a coach too to see if I managed to convey and teach my student in the correct manner.

“Our gym is based on family values, standing together and never leaving anyone behind. We support each other through the happy and the difficult times, as a unit. If one of us is down we always try to help, whether it’s personal issues or fitness orientated. “We've managed to open a few clubs in different suburbs, including Bellville, Scottsdene and Paarl, to name a few. We are trying to make our sport available and affordable to as many people as we can. The original plan behind the multiple gyms was just to offer these opportunities to as many people as possible but to avoid the big price tag usually associated with the sport.
“We have seen growth in our fighters and they have achieved a great deal in such a short space of time. For anyone to see that, all they need to do is visit the gym where we exhibit these achievements,” he said.
Tricore Brackenfell will host a fight night this Saturday November 15. The evening will include K-1 kickboxing and MMA bouts with tickets starting from R80. Doors open at 5.30pm. For more information call Ruhan on 082 330 1834.

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At TRICORE Martial Arts Gym we value neither brute strength nor aggression. We are passionate about Martial Arts. We see the evolution of becoming a martial artist as a life-changing process which forces one to focus the mind and train the body. It is as much a mental journey as a physical one.

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